Where to Find Us

Local customers can find our macarons at:

722 National Ave, Lexington KY

859 266 0041

Store hours:

Monday and Sunday   Closed

Tuesday – Friday       7am – 6pm

Saturday   9am-4pm


Kristen Griffin - Hi,
I recently ordered a 6 piece set of macarons but I noticed that you aren’t allowed to pick the flavors. When I went to your shop I was able to try an earl grey macaron as well as one with rose in the title. Since you don’t ship the item until the Monday after you order it (I placed my order on Tuesday), I was wondering if (if it’s possible) if I could ask to change out two of the flavors for those two. The two flavors switched being the pistachio and the salted caramel.

If you are unable to switch them it’s not a big deal I was just wondering! Sincerely, Kristen

admin - Hi Kristen,

I just saw your email here. I shipped your order today and substitute the pistachio with earl grey. I did not substitute salted caramel. I am sorry. I just saw it after I shipped. Caroline told me you like earl grey, so I just randomly picked pistachio to switch out with.

Hope it is okay,


Carla - Hi, I was just wondering if you ship to the UK and if so how much is it? I’m interested in purchasing your favours in the clear box, I would be looking for an order of around 120 boxes. Can you let me know if this is possible and how much it would be in total?


admin - Hi Carla,

I am sorry, but we don’t ship outside USA. Thank you for your interest!

margaret jeffiers - Do you offer classes?

admin - Hi Margaret,

Yes, we offer classes. Our class schedule is on our website (saturday) from 1-4.30pm.

Sylviana Herrin
859 338 1338

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