My new toy: Instagram

I know…you may ask..where has she been?? I know a lot of my friends use instagram to take their pics and they turned out pretty nice too, but I keep delaying installing Instagram on my Iphone. I love my DSLR camera and I use it a lot to take all my macarons and my family photos. So, why bother take photos with instagram if my DSLR camera gives me great photos? Well..I change my mind today. Lately, I have been very busy and don’t have time to prep the background for photo shot on my packaging. So, I decided I will try Instagram and took a quick snap of my packaging sample.. it looks lovely. I LOVE it!! One thing for sure, Instagram saves me time, because I can take photos of my object anywhere (with or without enough light) and I can edit my photo to make it looks really nice. The editing process is easy, fast and if I choose to share it, I can share it right then. Everything is done in less than 2 mins! Love it!

Instagram, however, will never replace my DSLR camera. Instagram will give me a quick solution when I need to photograph my object and share it right away…DSLR camera on the other hand, will give me a more professional and clearer photos. I love both…:)