One month has passed since my first time blogging. I have made more macarons since. I cannot remember how many macarons I have made, but surely, they were a lot because I almost used up my 5 lbs almond flour! 5 lbs flour is not a little … I can make 300 macarons with 5 lbs almond flour.

I’ve had bad and good days baking these little cookies. I threw away the entire batch to the garbage can twice because they were so bad. I damaged my 1 qt pan and spatula while trying to make caramel for the macarons’ filling. But I’ve also had good days when my macarons turned out perfect, smooth on the top with little feet … I always have a big smile on my face when I see those adorable feet!:)

I took a lot of pics when my macarons turned out perfect and adored them just like jewelry. I will someday take pics of macarons that turned out bad.