I am in love with Macarons! YES … Macarons … with one O only! These petite round pretty cookies are made of finely ground almonds, egg whites and sugar and are very delicate and delicious. It melts in my mouth every time I eat one…well maybe two or three.. They are addictive and I cannot help but keep making them. 

My first encounter with macarons was 1 year ago when my husband and I visited Egypt. We visited a cafe inside our hotel and saw a sea of colorful round cookies on their dessert display. We were not sure what they were, but we tried one and were not really impressed with the taste. It tasted too sweet to our liking. We did not buy more..but surely I was very impressed with the simplicity and the beauty of these cookies.

One year later, I was searching for ideas for a dessert table as I was planning for my daughter’s birthday, my research came upon familiar images … macarons! Their beauty attracted me once again and I then decided to make macarons with my own flavors!

After endless nights, I learned how to make macarons, and discovered that it is actually very tricky to make these cookies. Precision and a great recipe are the two main keys to create beautiful and tasty macarons! Through practice and experimentation, one can achieve great looking and tasty macarons.

My journey of making macarons has just started…I am in LOVE with macarons and will continue making and experimenting with different flavors.